About us


Education House Limited was established in 2004 as Easy Learning Ghana Information Services (ELGIS) and officially registered by Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria in July, 2007.

The Education House Aid Office (EHAO) was initiated in January, 2010 to oversee Education House Limited corporate social responsibilities (CSR) projects.

Education House Limited is committed to being a socially responsible company. We believe in giving back to orphans, vulnerable and less privilege members of our host communities and the society at large. 

The inception ‘Adopt A Child Back to School’ Initiative now Education House Academy 100% Tuition-Free Scholarship Initiative 

Education House Limited initiated a Cause Related – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign together with owners of private schools tagged “Adopt a Child Back to School” in January 2010. Over 248 children were awarded 100% tuition-free scholarship into partnered private nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary schools in Rivers State and its environs.

The ‘Adopt a Child Back to School’ initiative is based on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework developed internally with the appointment of eleven board of trustees, individual who understand the vision and mission of this initiative. It is a framework that takes into consideration not only corporate philanthropy, but educational, economic, environmental, health and social responsibility as well.

The Adopt a Child Back to School Initiative™ campaign was designed to x-ray how these children futures are tragically truncated because they are disadvantaged or orphaned with no one to care for their career needs and ambitions. The campaign extensively partnered with owners of private schools to absorb needy but brilliant children, with the Chief Executive Officer of Education House Limited amongst other partners, donors and sponsors supporting this campaign.

The vision of this initiative is to touch the lives of children who would have never had access to education, by providing them with a standard and quality education. Every year Education House together with owners of partnered private nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary school accepted pledge to offer 100% tuition-free scholarship to orphans, vulnerable and less privileged children through the Education House Aid Office (EHAO) while corporate bodies, NGO’s, Government agencies, individuals, celebrities, group of individuals, prominent personalities among others made donations in cash and kind to support the beneficiaries with  free text/exercise books, school bags (lunch packs), uniforms (cardigan and sportswear), socks, footwear’s, Laptops, E-slate among others transportation (school runs), snacks, excursions, education seminars, holiday travels and free health check,  through the Education House Reach-Out Program  (EH-ROP) in line with the Education House ‘Adopt a Child Back to School’ Initiative Campaign, which is vital as a tradition of excellence in the EHAO program.

In 2015 the EduHouse Advancement Awards was pioneered to celebrate philanthropist that have contributed immensely to the ‘Adopt a Child Back to School’ Initiative.

As you may be aware, the “Take a Child Back to School” formerly called ‘Adopt a Child Back to School’ Scholarship program through Education House Aid Office, has so far awarded more than 9,500 (nine thousand five hundred) brilliant orphans, vulnerable and less privileged boys and girls with 100% tuition-free scholarship into partnered private nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary schools in Rivers State and its environs for the past nine years.

Celebrating a Decade is the birth of Education House Academy ‘100% tuition-free scholarship’ Initiative from Pre-nursery, nursery, primary and junior secondary school.

The Education House Academy is the #100 ($1)-a-day Pay-In-Bit Education Solution, designed for children from low-income families, orphans and vulnerable children whose education is truncated, we are serving children like this.